Covid 19 Risk Assessment for Longbridge House B&B
Address: Longbridge House, 78 Cowl Street, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA45EP

A grade II listed stone house set in a cobbled courtyard adjacent to a stone holiday cottage. The house is over 3 floors with the B&B guest rooms being on the first floor and second floors. The house has thick stone walls, mullion windows and has flagstone floors downstairs and carpeting upstairs. It comprises of a large hallway opening into a stairway up to the first floor landing. There is a second stairway to the side of the main stairs which leads up to one of the en-suite guest bedrooms. On the ground floor is a kitchen diner with a range which leads into a conservatory/boot room and utility room.  There is an open plan kitchen where breakfasts are prepared. It also a has a seating area which used for guests’ breakfast. Outside is a courtyard with tables and chairs used for guests’ breakfasts in sunny weather and relaxing during the day.
What are the Coronavirus hazards?
COVID-19 is most commonly contracted through human-to-human contact. Therefore all risks surrounding human interaction and contamination of articles being passed on to guests ie keys, breakfast etc needs to be minimised.  A re-opening checklist has been created and completed to ensure that on opening all checks and systems are required and all appropriate PPE is in stock.

We have 3 cats that live within Longbridge House. Although the risk of them having or transmitting coronavirus is unclear, it is possible they could infect a guest.

Guests, owners and staff could contaminate anything touched or breathed on within rooms or general areas.

Every surface of every piece of furniture, door handles, windows, flooring, curtains, electrical items, room decorations, light switches (i.e. pictures, mirrors etc) bathroom/shower room sanitary ware in each bedroom used by guests are a risk due to contact contamination.
During a guests stay we tidy rooms and replenish tea, coffee, remove rubbish etc.

General areas
The front door, entrance hallway, stairways, landing, back door and courtyard seating are constantly used by guests coming and going from the B&B. All these are at risk from being touched or breathed on.

Light switches in general areas
The light switches within the general areas are all covered over/blanked off as they are operated by movement, therefore automatically turning on and off for guests as they move around. These are of minimal risk as guests will not need to touch them.

Check in/out
Currently each guest is warmly welcomed with a handshake introduction.

Each room/set of guests is given a set of room keys on arrival.

Private areas
All areas of the B&B which are considered private i.e. office, owners lounge and utility areas are labelled as private and are not be accessed by guests. The owners private apartment is accessed via a keypad so again guests cannot gain access

Breakfast service
Currently breakfast is served in the dining area within the kitchen. Guests all sit round a communal table and have their breakfast. Meals are prepared in the kitchen and served at the table by one of the owners. Crocker, cutlery and all tableware are washed and stored with the kitchen.

Who could be at risk?
The B&B has 3 rooms, each with a max capacity of 2, totalling 6 guests max per night.  There are also 2 owners that live and work in the B&B, plus a cleaner working approx. 10 hours a week.

My plan to keep people safe includes:
None of the cats are allowed within guests’ bedrooms. They are not permitted within the kitchen when breakfast baskets are being prepared.

Owner has completed a re-opening checklist to ensure staff and guest safety is maximised.

Owner will always socially distance with guests and cleaner – 2m. Cleaner will be trained to socially distance with owner and guests.  Guests are provided with sanitiser to use at the point of arrival/exit by front door and in each room.
Should either the cleaner or owners notice a co-worker or guest exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 they shall immediately flag this with the owners.

No one can work in the B&B if self-isolating. If the following symptoms are developed; fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness and shortness of breath, then they should seek urgent medical care. They must remain isolated in your home, or a healthcare setting until public health authorities inform you it is safe for you to return to work.

The cleaner has been involved in the creation of this risk assessment. She has also been trained in where, when and how to use PPE (gloves, sanitiser, masks and sanitising hand barrier cream).

On arrival cleaner will need to thoroughly wash her hands and sanitise them. A clean disposable apron should be worn over existing clothing and discarded after each room has been cleaned and replaced with a new one.

A checklist has been prepared and supplied to the cleaner to ensure that all surfaces and required cleaning is carried out in each room.
Gloves are available to use in each room and should be changed after each activity. I.e. after washing toilet before clean sink taps and before moving onto each room etc

Hands must be washed and sanitised immediately after removing gloves.

No one shall enter a guests’ room unless specifically asked to do so, other than to retrieve breakfast items and at the same time, replenish tea, coffee, clean towels etc. Therefore, no daily room tidies will be carried out unless a guest specifically requests this.

If guests are present in the room during a requested tidy then a mask should be worn when cleaning their room. A 2m distance will be kept between the cleaner, owner and guests at all time.

If weather permits, windows should be open during a room changeover or tidy to allow for air circulation.

Care will be taken when using disinfecting cleaning products to avoid inhalation of spray and chemicals in all areas.

Cleaners’ set of room keys to be washed and sanitised in between going to each room and at end of cleaning rooms.

All bedrooms & en-suites to be cleaned using appropriate products (those approved by DEFRA or those that are effective against enveloped viruses) containing either bleach or alcohol. With special emphasis on non-porous materials ie switches, TV remotes etc
Rooms to be cleaned after each guest leaves and before new guests. Rooms to be well ventilated and aired during each clean. No room tidies will be done (see above) except for the removal of rubbish and replenishment of tea, coffee etc.

A hospitality tray is provided in each room. All items provided are sealed individual portions. (tea, coffee, biscuits, milk, sugar, water bottles).

All bedding and towels to be washed on a hot wash (min 60 degrees).

All surfaces to be washed and then sanitised including light switches, door handles & window furniture.

All mugs, glasses, teaspoons etc from rooms will be washed in a dishwasher on a hot wash during room changeovers.

All waste shall be put into a plastic bag and tied up. It should then be placed into a second bag. This should be left for 72 hours prior to placing with normal waste.

General areas
These are to be wiped down regularly including but not exclusively: 1) every morning before guests come down after their breakfast, 2) after all guests have gone out, 3) after guests have left for evening meal and 4) at regular intervals in between these times. Special attention to be given to front and back door handles and stair handrails.

Outside tables to be washed and sanitised after use and in between guests.

All carpet floors to be hoovered and flagstones washed at end of breakfast service. Washing to be done using appropriate cleaning products containing bleach/alcohol.

All surfaces to be sanitised using appropriate cleaning products including bleach/alcohol.

Light switches in general areas

These are operated automatically and so no switches are available for guests to touch.

Check in/check out
Guests are not required to provide physical evidence of their booking on arrival. Unless a guest is struggling with their luggage or requests assistance, their luggage will not be touched by the owners or cleaner. If help is requested, then the person lifting the luggage must sanitise their hands and put on disposable gloves first. Gloves are to be disposed of once the luggage is delivered.

On arrival in each room, guests’ choices for breakfast will be taken verbally after consulting a laminated menu. This menu must be sanitised in between each guest.

On check out guests are discouraged from paying by cash. Payment via card will be made via a card terminal which must be cleaned prior to each guest handling it. No physical receipt will be provided. This can be given via electronic means.

On arrival these will be left hanging in the door ready for the guest to retrieve for their stay…owners not to handle on check in.

Breakfast service
All preparation surfaces and equipment are cleaned and sanitised before and after breakfast service.

Each B&B room layout has been changed so that they now incorporate a table and seating to allow for the guests to enjoy their breakfast within their rooms.

All crockery, cutlery, tableware and mugs etc from each B&B room will all be cleaned in a dishwasher at a high temperature.
The breakfast available is now continental breakfast reducing the handling and contact of guests’ food that was apparent during a hot cooked breakfast service.

This will contain as many sealed units ie bottles of juice and individual portions of food where possible i.e. jam/butter portions, individual cereal packets etc to reduce the risk of contamination.

All breakfast items will be handled by the owner wearing a mask.

These are to be delivered to rooms in baskets left outside each room to be collected by guests therefore avoiding contact. Delivery will involve a knock on the door to alert guests that their breakfast is ready and then stepping back from the door. Owners not to enter the room unless the guest requests it.

This risk assessment will be read and discussed by owners and cleaner together.